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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Doomed ship and Necronom - Space Rape

This will be short. There are two sims, where sex with aliens, demons, and hybrids reign supreme. These two sims are Doomed Ship and Necronom. These sims are hives of debauchery and twisted fetishes. Doomed ship will fool you with a beautiful build. Necronom tempts you with a quest system and a Card Duel game, but boil it down and these two sims are fuck houses.

Well built, yes. Good place to RP? No. Look to some other sims for good RP. If you're lookin' to get raped by a beast of hell, have a ball.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tombstone 1899 - The Sims of Shame

I spent the better part of 7 months in Tombstone. I rented buildings, helped in events, and spent countless hours in gun battles, but never did I get anything above maybe one or two lines of non-emoted diaglouge. Their application process of having to be over 2 weeks old, would fool you into thinking the 9 total sims are into dedicated experienced members. However this is not true.

You need to buy the Sim's combat meter for 10L. That's not too bad, as many sims require you buy the DCS meter, which is 45L. Ok that's not so bad you might think... You are mistaken. The only weapons that work on the Tombstone sims are built by the sim owners. Most of these guns are sub-par builds worth upwards of 300 to 400 Lindens. The cheaper weapons are Melee oriented but sadly the system in play doesn't work well to brawlers. This brings the sim's true intentions to light. Since most of the buildings are up for rent, and at rather steep prices I might add. Also an entire sim is dedicated to vendors, on ground, and most RP'ers can walk off and on at any time.

Also the sim welcomes furries, animal avatars, and many other "wild cards" of RP. Furries are notoriously Horny Creatures. Their RP sims are mostly sims dedicated to sex. Animal avatars continuously act "Un-animal" by being attention whores to human players. These elements can hurt a sim's RP population, especially for one based in the late 1800's.

I'd also like to add that the sims are built... very old fashioned. Prim heavy structures with poor Textures. Most of the builds have remained the same since I had left nearly 6 months ago.

The player base is more obsessed with Gunfights than RP. It's more akin to a "Western Movie" than a Historical Sim.

I won't waste much time on Tombstone. As I'd have to spend Lindens I don't have to review it. My advice to diehard RP'ers, is avoid this sim. Go to Deadwood if you want some better RP and a better community, and hell, for better fighting. More guns are compatible with the FREE Deadwood Meter, and you can even get a few FREE guns at the landing area. Do the math.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Deadwood 1876-Return to The Hills Pt. 2

Exploreing Deadwood made me realize what a great sim it was, and has become an even better one. Several free outfits that can be mixed together for great effect, decent free weaponry, and an Admin staff that other sims dream of. I'd also forgotten about the man who kept Deadwood alive, Caed Aldwych. The man gave me several guns and boxes of clothes for free when I'd first started off in Deadwood, only 2 weeks old. He also had given me a small room with a 25 prim allowance for decoration. It was a dream come true.

It was when I began my cigar business that I begun to stray. I never made a profit in Deadwood, and with a business mind set I set off for Tombstone due to poisioned words from players who had left Deadwood disgraced. I left what was probably the best group of folks on SL out there.

It was when I contacted an old pal of mine, Claytanic Kungler that I realized I was in a loving environment again. Here's a man who is passionate about the sim, remembered my alt even though it had been nearly a year since I left, and we were already chatting it up like old friends. In fact we are to some degree. The man donated to me a bunch of furniture for my now long dead series of Cigar Shops that graced both Deadwood and Tombstone.

I decided it best to not sign up for the Calvary. I'm too much of a free spirit. Instead I bought a Pan and a Pick, and got to hunting gold. Within 2 hours I had accumulated 50 gold, and traded said gold to Clay for an item that he sold for upwards of 300 Lindens. I was laid flat. Here was a man trading game currency for an item he built and sold for lindens. He held the same notions that Caed did with his gold exchange.

Caed has an exchange office where miners can take their gold and trad for guns, clothes, hats, and furniture. Unheard of in some sims. The closest are RPS or SGS sims, but those often won't get you a pair of Handguns valued at over 2,000 Lindens. My return here was permanent, I could feel it. There was lots to do.

Only 2 hours on sim and I'd gotten into a gunfight. I didn't fire a shot but the RP given was fun. Everyone only said 2 to 3 lines per post, but the folks at Deadwood don't need to paragraph their RP. They got shit to do god damn it!

I'll continue to post pages related to Deadwood later on down the road. My advice is come on down, because you gotta see it to believe it. Sure, Historical Wild West isn't the setting most folks go for, but I've met some diehard RP'ers who would kill for a sim like this.

Deadwood 1876-Return to The Hills Pt. 1

As I stated in my first post, Deadwood was my first RP sim. When I was there, I heard of a time when the sim was nothing but a mixture of tents and a few small buildings much like how the Miners Camp of Deadwood started in Real Life. I saw the side that was a boom town, and I opened my first SL business there. It didn't last long, but it was fun while it did last.

Upon my return I was flattened. The sim has been completely remodeled. The Landing area is now a Fort, not a small ghost town of vendors. It appears that Calvary RP'ers use the fort though, as recruitment posters are all over the place. I found a room towards the Fort's exit that was the Freebie room. The sims Freebies are also very different now. Opposed to a few free outfits for men and a gun, there's free outfits for Men, Women, and even child avatars. I suggest grabbing the Calvary Uniform, it has both a pistol and a rifle inside. Very useful in a town like Deadwood. Mix and match if you like. I stuck to the calvary outfit, and added my own skin and other touches.

Upon teleporting into the main body of the sim I was again flattened on my ass. The sim has restarted it's story, and is back to being a Camp made up mostly of tents and Log Cabins. The sounds of cooking fires, water, and Horses greeted me as I walked across the empty sim. I could tell the player base still kept it's regiment of late afternoon/evening players. Not a soul in sight at 4am SLT.

The new look suits Deadwood. Some buildings remain empty, but that's acceptable. I looked up the Blog of a long time player there, and her posts lead me to believe that this was in fact a recent change. I very much enjoy it. The town feels more open than before, and the long running main street keeps folks moving, and it doesn't hide some of the structures like in the old sim. The attention to detail is amazing. Most buildings are just big tents with logs and a wood storefront. Truly the recreation of someone with a taste for details. Also, if you aren't easily offended, the town sports some mild "Period Racism" through signs such as the one pictured below.

Deadwood was a Gold Rush town. There's all sorts of panning equipment set up across the river. The old sim design had a Skybox Mine, that you could buy a pickaxe too, and actually dig up gold in. This gold could then be traded for gear and furniture. I found the trade office, but I couldn't find any place that sold mining tools, or a panning plate. A lot of the little things still exist. Hunting, Prospecting, and the meter that keeps it so that you have to eat at least once a day.

Applied to be a part of the Calvary. The new look and feel is very refreshing. I'm all but too happy to return to the sim as an active member. Just this time not as a cross dresser...

Update to follow once I am able to get some RP in.

The Beginning of a Blog

I've tried to make blogs before. Most have failed sadly, due to my lack of interest in the things I've blogged on. I find it hard to write about politics, video game platforms, comics, cartoons, TV shows, or music. There is something I am very passionate about though, and that's Second Life. I discovered Second life in March of 2009 with my first Profile. I was such a noob then. Wandering about from club, to freebie warehouse, to combat sim, and even to *shudders* Escort Malls. I've even tread the walk of being a "Cross Dresser." Yes, my first profile, "Cheshire Macarthur" was, and when I log on, still very much a woman. I have no problems with it, because I am a Bisexual man, who prefers to explore characters. Who plays them, doesn't matter to me. However Malrik remains my primary Account now. I have more interest playing men these days. Women are treated awfully on SL, at least the majority are. Ladies, I feel for ya. I've seen how low most men get on SL.

It took me about 2 weeks to discover my first Role Play sim. Role play has been a staple of my life since 1999, when I was introduced to D&D (That's Dungeons and Dragons to those who don't know) and I was only 10 years old. Now nearly 21 years of age, I've RP'ed on a large spectrum of mediums. The RP forums of the Webcomic "Lackadaisy" held me together for probably the longest. So were my weekend D&D sessions. I began to branch out however in my later highschool years, and that was way back in 2006 for those who even remember that year without having to take a nap. It started with Habbo Hotel... which looking back on I wasted lots of time and money on. The community of RP'ers there consist mostly of "Mafia RP" and I use that lightly. Habbo's RP is a bunch of 13 year olds trying to figure out who's dick is bigger, by slapping one another across the face repeatedly until the other quits Habbo for good.

This was followed by such sites as Gaia, which has more focus on Dress Up than RP. Then came the various Browser games, such as Runescape. I even fell in with a group of RP'ers that used GTA San Andreas to RP. Sadly, most of these were nothing more than fancy pissing contests. I fell even deeper, attempting to RP for a mesely 2 days on Wild West Online Gunfighter in 2008. As I entered college, I fell back on my security blanket, The Lackadaisy Forums and a stable diet of D&D and Vampire.

In March of 2009 I was introduced to Second Life by my buddy Sean. Sean created content on second life for the College he attended. I was intrugied, mainly because it wasn't WOW (Which I had sworn never to touch, and sadly did but found it boring as hell) and it wasn't such MMO's like City of Heroes or Guild Wars. Second life was nothing but user created content.

So after my 2 week noob spell I began to explore further. For the hell of it I searched "Deadwood" in search because I was a fan of the show. Wouldn't you know it there was a sim dedicated to the town of Deadwood. When I arrived I was even more surprised to find out it was a "Role Play Sim." So I put on a freebie outfit and gun and wandered around. I quickly learned the proper way to RP in Second life. Deadwood was home to some damn good RP'ers and I am sure they are all mostly still there. Not to mention the Sim owner was very helpful. Even passed onto me a load of clothing and weaponry that he sold for prices that to this day often remain out of my price range.

Over the course of the next year I would create another 2 profiles, one of which would become my main profile, and the other 2 would fall into obscurity. Anything they had that didn't have transfer permissions was left with them and they are now nothing more than dust covered relics. I also put several sims under my belt. Spending very little time in some, and others I dedicated months too, sometimes with no results. I also met and made a staple group of friends, and we often shadow eachother. I'll cover them later on, in later posts pertaining to the Sims I met them in.

I'll be returning to, and covering sims I haven't set foot on in months. Mostly to write critiques that will hopefully be noticed by the general public through my profile on the SGS site. For now, I'll pass on a list of the sims I will be covering, in proper order. I will adivse you that some sims have sexual content hidden within... others it's in plain sight. I'm not above sexual RP, but to me it's part of the game. Two virtual avatars bumping uglies isn't that attractive to me. It's why I usually play old guys and Robots... or Priests.

1. Deadwood 1876 ✔
2. Tombstone ✔
3. Doomed Ship ✔
4. Necronom ✔
5. Midian City
6. 8th Street
7. Dead End
8. Republic of Hayao
9. Ravenscraig
10. 1920's Berlin Project
11. Gotham City
12. Perdition
13. Kingdom of Sand