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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Deadwood 1876-Return to The Hills Pt. 1

As I stated in my first post, Deadwood was my first RP sim. When I was there, I heard of a time when the sim was nothing but a mixture of tents and a few small buildings much like how the Miners Camp of Deadwood started in Real Life. I saw the side that was a boom town, and I opened my first SL business there. It didn't last long, but it was fun while it did last.

Upon my return I was flattened. The sim has been completely remodeled. The Landing area is now a Fort, not a small ghost town of vendors. It appears that Calvary RP'ers use the fort though, as recruitment posters are all over the place. I found a room towards the Fort's exit that was the Freebie room. The sims Freebies are also very different now. Opposed to a few free outfits for men and a gun, there's free outfits for Men, Women, and even child avatars. I suggest grabbing the Calvary Uniform, it has both a pistol and a rifle inside. Very useful in a town like Deadwood. Mix and match if you like. I stuck to the calvary outfit, and added my own skin and other touches.

Upon teleporting into the main body of the sim I was again flattened on my ass. The sim has restarted it's story, and is back to being a Camp made up mostly of tents and Log Cabins. The sounds of cooking fires, water, and Horses greeted me as I walked across the empty sim. I could tell the player base still kept it's regiment of late afternoon/evening players. Not a soul in sight at 4am SLT.

The new look suits Deadwood. Some buildings remain empty, but that's acceptable. I looked up the Blog of a long time player there, and her posts lead me to believe that this was in fact a recent change. I very much enjoy it. The town feels more open than before, and the long running main street keeps folks moving, and it doesn't hide some of the structures like in the old sim. The attention to detail is amazing. Most buildings are just big tents with logs and a wood storefront. Truly the recreation of someone with a taste for details. Also, if you aren't easily offended, the town sports some mild "Period Racism" through signs such as the one pictured below.

Deadwood was a Gold Rush town. There's all sorts of panning equipment set up across the river. The old sim design had a Skybox Mine, that you could buy a pickaxe too, and actually dig up gold in. This gold could then be traded for gear and furniture. I found the trade office, but I couldn't find any place that sold mining tools, or a panning plate. A lot of the little things still exist. Hunting, Prospecting, and the meter that keeps it so that you have to eat at least once a day.

Applied to be a part of the Calvary. The new look and feel is very refreshing. I'm all but too happy to return to the sim as an active member. Just this time not as a cross dresser...

Update to follow once I am able to get some RP in.

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