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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Deadwood 1876-Return to The Hills Pt. 2

Exploreing Deadwood made me realize what a great sim it was, and has become an even better one. Several free outfits that can be mixed together for great effect, decent free weaponry, and an Admin staff that other sims dream of. I'd also forgotten about the man who kept Deadwood alive, Caed Aldwych. The man gave me several guns and boxes of clothes for free when I'd first started off in Deadwood, only 2 weeks old. He also had given me a small room with a 25 prim allowance for decoration. It was a dream come true.

It was when I began my cigar business that I begun to stray. I never made a profit in Deadwood, and with a business mind set I set off for Tombstone due to poisioned words from players who had left Deadwood disgraced. I left what was probably the best group of folks on SL out there.

It was when I contacted an old pal of mine, Claytanic Kungler that I realized I was in a loving environment again. Here's a man who is passionate about the sim, remembered my alt even though it had been nearly a year since I left, and we were already chatting it up like old friends. In fact we are to some degree. The man donated to me a bunch of furniture for my now long dead series of Cigar Shops that graced both Deadwood and Tombstone.

I decided it best to not sign up for the Calvary. I'm too much of a free spirit. Instead I bought a Pan and a Pick, and got to hunting gold. Within 2 hours I had accumulated 50 gold, and traded said gold to Clay for an item that he sold for upwards of 300 Lindens. I was laid flat. Here was a man trading game currency for an item he built and sold for lindens. He held the same notions that Caed did with his gold exchange.

Caed has an exchange office where miners can take their gold and trad for guns, clothes, hats, and furniture. Unheard of in some sims. The closest are RPS or SGS sims, but those often won't get you a pair of Handguns valued at over 2,000 Lindens. My return here was permanent, I could feel it. There was lots to do.

Only 2 hours on sim and I'd gotten into a gunfight. I didn't fire a shot but the RP given was fun. Everyone only said 2 to 3 lines per post, but the folks at Deadwood don't need to paragraph their RP. They got shit to do god damn it!

I'll continue to post pages related to Deadwood later on down the road. My advice is come on down, because you gotta see it to believe it. Sure, Historical Wild West isn't the setting most folks go for, but I've met some diehard RP'ers who would kill for a sim like this.

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