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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tombstone 1899 - The Sims of Shame

I spent the better part of 7 months in Tombstone. I rented buildings, helped in events, and spent countless hours in gun battles, but never did I get anything above maybe one or two lines of non-emoted diaglouge. Their application process of having to be over 2 weeks old, would fool you into thinking the 9 total sims are into dedicated experienced members. However this is not true.

You need to buy the Sim's combat meter for 10L. That's not too bad, as many sims require you buy the DCS meter, which is 45L. Ok that's not so bad you might think... You are mistaken. The only weapons that work on the Tombstone sims are built by the sim owners. Most of these guns are sub-par builds worth upwards of 300 to 400 Lindens. The cheaper weapons are Melee oriented but sadly the system in play doesn't work well to brawlers. This brings the sim's true intentions to light. Since most of the buildings are up for rent, and at rather steep prices I might add. Also an entire sim is dedicated to vendors, on ground, and most RP'ers can walk off and on at any time.

Also the sim welcomes furries, animal avatars, and many other "wild cards" of RP. Furries are notoriously Horny Creatures. Their RP sims are mostly sims dedicated to sex. Animal avatars continuously act "Un-animal" by being attention whores to human players. These elements can hurt a sim's RP population, especially for one based in the late 1800's.

I'd also like to add that the sims are built... very old fashioned. Prim heavy structures with poor Textures. Most of the builds have remained the same since I had left nearly 6 months ago.

The player base is more obsessed with Gunfights than RP. It's more akin to a "Western Movie" than a Historical Sim.

I won't waste much time on Tombstone. As I'd have to spend Lindens I don't have to review it. My advice to diehard RP'ers, is avoid this sim. Go to Deadwood if you want some better RP and a better community, and hell, for better fighting. More guns are compatible with the FREE Deadwood Meter, and you can even get a few FREE guns at the landing area. Do the math.

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